Planning for your future is one of the most important things you can do. When you want to ensure that your finances are properly managed you need help from a CPA in Kamloops. Keeping your assets in order can be complex. Campbell & Company are chartered professional accountants that handle all types of accounting needs. We work with our clients to provide complete services that include taxes, estate planning, business sale and acquisition and accounting.

Assistance with Taxes
Taxes are one of the most complicated areas of finances and one that requires help from a qualified CPA in Kamloops. Campbell & Company offers comprehensive tax planning for both personal and business compliance issues. We have expertise with a wide variety of tax issues including personal, corporate, trust and estate taxation, GST, PST, commodity and value added taxation and provincial taxation. We also work with clients on taxation planning and compliance as well as payroll and benefits taxes. Our team of experienced accountants review your specific situation, develop strategies and provide advice to handle even the most complex needs.
Estate Planning
Your estate is one of the most important considerations in your life. It is essential to properly plan what happens with your property and assets after your death. At Campbell & Company our experienced accountants assist you with all aspects of estate planning to ensure that your beneficiaries receive their maximum benefits. We know how to take care of asset transfers to reduce the impact of taxes. We also help with the creation of trusts and succession planning for business owners. We work to put a plan in place that will provide you and your loved ones with the security you expect.
Business Accounting Needs
Businesses have to pay special attention to financial matters with assistance from a reputable CPA in Kamloops. We provide comprehensive business advisory services to assist you with every stage of your business. We help with mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, valuations, debt and equity financing services and everything necessary to get and keep your business operational. We help you develop a business financial strategy that works.
Accounting Services by a Qualified CPA in Kamloops
Our accounting services assist you in meeting financial requirements of the government, lenders, shareholders and others. We handle many tasks such as business plans, cash flow projections, internal control reviews, bookkeeping, financial audits, inventory control and compliance with contracts. Additionally, we help with statute and regulation adherence. We are here to take care of all types of accounting matters regardless of how small or large. We work with individuals as well as with businesses of all sizes. We do much more than simply handle paperwork. We are highly skilled professionals who understand our client’s needs and work hard to assist in every way possible.
When you are in need of financial accounting services you can count on the experienced CPAs at Campbell & Company to handle your requirements. We are available to provide individualized services for individuals and companies in Kamloops and nearby areas. Call us today to schedule an appointment.